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  1. Introduction
    • This website (the «Website«) is the official Website of the Post Hostel managed by the Company and which is also known as the «The Post Hostel» (the «Hostel«).
    • This Website is operated and managed by Tooly Post Office Jerusalem Ltd. Company no. 515220101 from Zihron Ya’akov Road 1, Israel (the «Company» or the «Site Operator«). These terms of use (the «Terms of Use«) are a binding legal agreement for all intents and purposes and constitute the legal basis between any of the Website’s users («User» or «Customer«) and the Company in connection with their use of the Website, reservations ordered and information displayed on this Website. Any action performed by the User on the Website (including reservation ordered) is subject to the User’s absolute consent to all sections of these Terms of Use.
    • Every User herby declares that he read these Terms of Use, that he irrevocably agrees with all the instructions and conditions of these Terms of Use, and that he and/or anyone acting on his behalf, will not have any claim and/or demand, directly and/or indirectly, against the Site Operator and/or its managers and/or the Hostel and/or anyone acting on their behalf.
    • Some of the content of this Website is written in masculine form for convenience only, but is intended for both men and women.
    • The User declares that all and any information presented on the Website and/or any part of such information is the sole property of the Hostel, that he acknowledges that the Hostel reserves the copyrights of such information and/or any part thereof and that he undertakes to use such information solely for his personal use. The User further commits not to copy, print, publish or broadcast the information displayed on the Website, whether owned by the Hostel or by third parties, or any part thereof, to any person and/or any entity without the prior written consent of the Site Operator.
    • The User undertakes not to make any changes, alteration or other distortion of the information, or take any action that may harm the correctness of it, its reliability or harm the good name of the Hostel as the copyright owner of such information, or the good name of any other third party.
    • Nothing in these Terms of Use shall derogate from the provisions of the Israeli Consumer Protection Law 5741-1981 (hereinafter: the «Consumer Protection Law«) and the regulations promulgated thereunder, to the extent they apply to the Website, except in cases where such provisions may be conditioned, and such conditioning was made through these Terms of Use, whether explicitly or implicitly.
  2. Using the Website
    • Each User may use the Website, subject to the provisions of these Terms of Use, provided he possesses an e-mail address, an internet connection, a valid identification certificate and a valid credit card issued by one of the credit card companies which Hostel accepts.
    • Notwithstanding the aforementioned, the Site Operator may prevent the User from using the Website, if any of the following occur: (A) The User has intentionally provided false information or performed any fraudulent action via the Website; (B) The User used a limited or blocked credit card; (C) If the User provided a wrong or partial details of his credit card through the Website; (D) If the Site Operator believes that the User preformed through the Website any action that is prohibited to perform according to these Terms of Use and/or wrongly using the information displayed on the Website; (E) The Site Operator has decided at its sole discretion to discontinue the operation of the Website and/or to terminate access to the Website. The User shall have no claims and/or demands toward the Site Operator regarding denial of access to and/or termination of access to the Website.
  3. Confidentiality and Privacy
    • The Site Operator may use information provided by the User’s in order to improve the User’s experience and the services provided through the Website, in order to submit a reservations at the Hostel ordered by the User’s and in order to contact the Users for several reasons related to his stay in the Hostel, such as receiving his review regarding his accommodation at the Hostel. Once the User provides information in the Website, he will be held as granting his permission to the Site Operator, to use his information and/or any information collected through his visit at the Website for the purposes specified in these Terms of Use.
    • By submitting his information on the Website, the User grants his explicit consent to receive advertising and/or marketing materials from the Site Operator and/or anyone on its behalf, as per the meaning of such consent under the provisions of section 30A to the Communication Law (Telecommunications and Broadcasts), 1982. In addition, submission of the User’s details will indicate the permission given to the Site Operator by the User to use his details for «direct mailing» as defined under the Israeli Protection of Privacy Law, 1981. The User hereby declares that he knows he has the right to retract his consent given under this section (at any time) and inform the Site Operator of his refusal to receive advertising and/or «direct mailing» (all or of a specific type) by sending a written notice.
    • Notwithstanding the abovementioned, the Site Operator will keep safe, and not transfer information provided by the User to any third party, accept in the following events:
      • The User harmed or intended to harm the Site Operator and/or any third party.
      • The User preformed an illegal act or assisted in execution of such.
      • The User has violated one or more provisions of these Terms of Use.
      • The Site Operator received a judicial order and/or a demand from a governmental or judicial authority instructing it to transfer the User’s details to a third party.
      • For protection of rights within a dispute, claim, demand or legal proceedings initiated between the Company and the User.
      • For purposes of «direct mailing» as defined in scope of the Privacy Protection law.
    • The User agrees that without prejudice to any other right the Site Operator may have, in cases where the Site Operator believes that the User does not comply with the provisions of these Terms of Use and/or any applicable law while using the Website, the Site Operator may track the User’s performance through the Website, limit the User’s access to the Website and/or transfer the patterns of User’s behavior on the Website to third parties who may prove, to the satisfaction of the Site Operator, that such third parties were harmed by the infringing activity of the User through the Website.
    • Throughout the User’s use of the Website, the Company may use «Cookies» in order to improve the user experience on the Website, to collect statistical data regarding the User’s activity on the Website, to secure the information displayed on the Website and for one or more of the goals mentioned in these Terms of Use. Cookies are electronic files which enable the possibility to track the Users activity on the Website, while some of the cookies remain on the User’s computer even after leaving the Website. The User’s use of the Website constitutes his consent to install such cookies on the electronic device used by the User to access the Website. Notwithstanding the aforesaid, the User may re-configure the setting of the browser used to access the Website, and instruct it to decline acceptance of cookies, yet such settings may affect the User’s possibility to use some of the Website’s features. The Website’s Server may automatically store user-generated information, including the User’s IP address, browser type, the website that directed the User to the Website, etc. and you agree to such collection of information.
  4. Danger and Responsibility
    • The User hereby declares that he is aware that using the internet involves many risks, both due to the technology involved and the human factors that operate through the Internet.
    • The information displayed on the Website is for the User’s personal use only, and using such information including any reliance upon it, is at the User’s sole risk and responsibility. Among others, the User understands that images displayed on the Website are for illustration purposes only, and that there might be a difference between the way they are displayed on the Website and their appearance in reality.
    • Any information displayed on the Website is provided to the Users “As Is” without any warranties of any kind whether oral or written, expressed or implied. The Hostel expressly disclaims, any responsibility regarding the fitness of the information for a particular purpose, and will not be liable toward the User as to its inability to use information displayed on the Website for any reason.
    • The Hostel and the Site Operator take special efforts to provide accurate information on the Website to the fullest possible extent. The Hostel and/or the Site Operators will not bear any responsibility for content of information uploaded to the Website by third parties and the User will have no claims and/or demands against the Site Operator and/or anyone acting on its behalf regarding the aforementioned.
    • The Hostel will not be responsible for any damages, inconvenience, loss, expense or distress that may be caused to the User or his property (including his hardware and/or software) or to any third party, directly or indirectly, due to the User’s use of the Website.
    • The Hostel will not be liable for any illegal activity taken through the Website by any User or by any other third party that is not under the Hostel’s control.
    • The User declares that he is aware that the Site Operator takes all standard precautions in order to keep the confidentiality, the User’s privacy and security of the information displayed on the Website to the fullest extent; however the User understands that there might be malfunctions that are not under the control of the Site Operator. Therefore the Site Operator and/or anyone on its behalf will not be responsible for any damage of any kind, direct or indirect, caused to the User and/or anyone acting on his behalf, due to its actions through the Website and/or if any information is lost and/or if unauthorized use is preformed through the Website.
    • Several products and services are displayed throughout the Website. In the event where an error is found in the specification and/or the definition and/or the picture and/or the description of a service or product and/or any other error on the Website, the Site Operator will be obliged to provide the product and/or service as displayed in the title of such product or service purcased. The User hereby waives any demand and/or claim against the Site Operator and/or anyone acting on its behalf in connection therewith.
    • The Site Operator’s records in connection with the actions performed on the Website will constitute a conclusive evidence of their accuracy.
    • The User hereby agrees that if, notwithstanding the above, a legal authority determines that the Site Operator has any liability toward the User, the responsibility of the Site Operator and/or anyone on its behalf will be limited to the amount equivalent to the value of the reservation made by the User and the related cancellation fee of such reservation (as the case may be).
  5. Placing a Reservation
    • General :
      • The User may use the Website to order a reservation and purchase services from the Company and/or to receive information for his own use without transferring it to third parties. The User is strictly prohibited from using the Website for any other purpose.
      • A reservation at the Hostel can be made by contacting the Hostel’s reservation call center at +972-2-5813222 or via the following domain: theposthostel.com.
      • Any User reserving a room at the Hostel through the Website is requested to submit his personal information, including a mobile phone number, e-mail address, identification or passport number, and his credit card number as well as details of all those staying with him at the Hostel.
    • The User’s Details
      • When purchasing services or making a reservation at the Hostel through the Website, the User will be required to enter his personal information on to the system as mentioned above.
      • The Site Operator and/or the Hostel and/or its managers and/or anyone acting on their behalf will not be liable for any mistake made in connection with a reservation made by the User, including a wrong vacation package purchased, the dates of accommodation, the number of beds reserved and any other mistake made by the User through his reservation on the Website. In addition, the abovementioned will not be liable, directly or indirectly, in an event where the reservation details were not submitted or registered on the Website’s system and/or for any technical and/or other issue that prevent the User from making purchases through the Website.
      • Submitting false details while purchasing through the Website is a criminal offense, and therefor legal actions will be taken against Users who provide false details, including damages claims due to damages that may be caused to the Hostel and/or the Website Operator and/or any of its managers and/or anyone acting on their behalf.
      • The User declares that it was brought to his attention that upon submitting the details required form making a reservation through the Website, he will be included in the Company’s database. The Company will be entitled to use the information provided by the User in order to improve the services offered on the Website and to contact the User by means of regular mail, e-mail and any other means of communication, for each of the purposes specified in these Terms of Use, including adapting the Website to the User’s needs and personal preferences. According to the applicable law, the User is not obligated to submit his details on the Website, however any User who enters his information on the Website does so voluntarily and under his free will, thus giving his consent to be included in the database of the Site Operator.
    • Reservation Procedure:
      • The User will submit the reservation details on the Website as well as other required information.
      • When submitting the reservation details, the User will be required to enter his credit card details for security (collateral) purposes only.
      • The payment for the reservation will take place upon arrival to the Hostel at the Check in, using cash and/or a credit card.
  6. Terms and limitations
    • All rates shown on the Hebrew version of the website are presented in ILS currency (Israeli shekels) and include VAT charges (according to the current VAT rate). The English site shows a dollar currency rate, in which case the amount to be paid in ILS currency will be calculated based on the dollar rate set by the Bank of Israel in one of the following (whichever is higher): (a) the actual payment date by the user; (B) the day the user placed the order through the Website; Or (c) the date of arrival of the user to the hostel according to his reservation.
    • The Hostel reserves the right to change the terms of placing reservations and the prices displayed on the Website, at any time.
    • The Site Operator may change these Terms of Use from time to time, without giving an advance notice to the User. Such updated Terms of Use shall be fully valid upon their appearance on the Website.
    • The Site Operator may terminate the activity of the Website and may change its structure, content, design, availability of services or access to Website from time to time, and may amend any other aspect related to the Website or its operation without the need to inform the User in advance. The User herby declares that he will not have any claims and/or demands against the Site Operator in connection therewith.
    • The rooms to be reserved in the Hostel are limited and placing a reservation is subject to their availability.
    • There will be no multiple specials or discounts.
    • Check In and Check Out of Rooms:
      • Check In: 14:00
      • Check Out: 10:00
      • Early and/or late arrival for check in and /or check out from the rooms in contradiction to the times abovementioned will be made subject to availability and is subject to an additional charge
    • Babies and Children
      • Definitions:

«Baby» a person under the age of 2 years old.

«Child» – a person over the age of 2 years and under the age of 12.

  • Accommodation of Children and youth under the age of 18 years will be possible if accompanied by at least one adult over the age of 21 years.
  • These Terms of Use shall be governed by the laws of Israel. The competent courts in Tel Aviv, Israel shall have exclusive jurisdiction over any dispute, controversy or claim arising out of or relating to these Terms of Use including usage of the Website by the User.
  • Errors and omissions excepted (E&OE).
  1. Reservation Cancelations
    • The User may cancel the reservation ordered, only through one of the following methods: (1) by sending an e-mail to: reservation@theposthostel.com or to [email protected], (2) by faxing a written notice to: +972-25813223 (3) by providing a notification over the telephone at +972-25813222 (4) through the Website at the following link theposthostel.com.

The User must specify through the cancellation notice, all the reservation details for identification purposes and association of the User with a specific reservation (the «Cancellation Notice«). The cancellation date shall be the date the Cancellation Notice was received by the Site Operator. In an event where the Cancellation Notice was received on a «Day of Rest» (as defined under the local law), the date the Cancelation Notice will be considered as received shall be the first working day following such Day of Rest.

  • A Cancellation Notice received up to 48 hours before the date of arrival as stated on the reservation cancelled, will be free from a cancellation fee.
  • In an event where a Cancellation Notice was received less than 48 hours prior to the date of arrival as stated on the reservation cancelled, the User will be obligated to pay the Company a cancellation fee quall to the cost of the first night of the reservation (in accordance with the rates mentioned upon the reservation)
  • Failure to arrive at the Hostel will impose the full reservation cost upon the User. For purposes of this Section, «Failure to arrive at the Hostel» will occur in an event where the User has not arrived at the Hostel on the date specified in the order confirmation sent upon placing a reservation, provided the Company did not receive a Cancellation Notice regarding such reservation in accordance with the above.
  • Without prejudice to the foregoing, in the event where the Company is unable to fulfill the reservation made by the User for any reason, the Site Operator may cancel the reservation and refund the User for any amounts paid by the User to the Company for such reservation and/or cancel charges applicable to the User due to the reservation or offer any another solution to the satisfaction of the User, and the User shall have no claims or demands in that matter.
  1. Group Reservations
    • Any reservation made for more than 15 guests, will be considered as an order made by a Group, and therefore the following policy will apply to payment and cancellation of such a reservation made by a Group:
      • Upon placing the reservation, an advance payment equal to 30% of the specific Group reservation price will be paid to the Company.
      • At least 30 days prior the arrival date of the group (according to their reservation), the group will transfer the remaining group reservation price will be paid to the Company, meaning the remaining 70% of the Group reservation price, as well as a rooming list of the guests included in the group.
      • Cancellation of reservations made by a group, received by the Company at least 30 days prior their arrival date, will not impose a cancellation fee, and the Company will refund the advance payment.
      • Cancellation of an order made by a group received by the Company in the period between 30 days prior to arrival and up to 28 days prior to arrival will impose agreed compensation equal to 30% of the specific group. From 28 days prior to date of stay up to 21 days prior to date of stay- 50% of the booking value will be charged and in case of cancellation of the group less than 14 days prior to the date of stay until the date of stay — the group will be charged the full amount of the booking.
  1. Miscellaneous
    • Pets are not permitted to enter the Hostel, except for ‘guide dogs’, provided that a prior approval was given by the Hostel’s management, while such permission may impose additional charges.
    • It is strictly forbidden to invite additional guests beyond those specified in the reservation, without receiving the prior consent of the Hostel. Allowing additional visitors to enter the Hostel, either for overnight stays and either for accommodation without overnight stays will impose an additional charge.
    • The User is prohibited from removing any equipment from rooms of the Hostel. The User must use his private towels for any water sources outside the Hostel.
    • Smoking is strictly forbidden anywhere in the Hostel’s complex, except in places where signs specifically mention that smoking is permitted.
    • The Hostel provides shared spaces in which the User may find a kitchen for its convenience. The User undertakes to keep the kitchen clean and not cause any damages.
    • Accommodation in the Dorm rooms, does not include use of towels, however gusts may bring their own towels to the Hostel or rent towels from the Hostel for a respective fee.
  2. Maintenance of the Hostel
    • The User undertakes (also on behalf of other guests included in his reservation) not to maliciously and/or by negligence cause damage to the Hostel and its rooms, including any equipment therein.
    • The User gives permission to the Hostel to charge his credit card, in case any damages were caused to the Hostel and/or its rooms, during the User’s accommodation by him and/or other guests included in his reservation.